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Stephen J. Sheinbaum  LinkedInIcon

Mr. Sheinbaum has served as President and CEO of MCC since he founded the company in 2005.  Under his guidance, the company has grown from a single employee entity executing three transactions per month to its present status as one of the industry leaders. Learn more about MCC’s Founder.

Jeffrey T. Beckwith  LinkedInIcon
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Beckwith joined MCC as CFO in 2013 with more than 27 years of asset and mortgage backed capital markets experience including investment banking, sales and trading, secured lending, and portfolio management. He previously held senior positions at The Patriot Group as Head of Asset Funding Solutions and Senior Portfolio Manager.


Walter S. Levengood  LinkedInIcon
Chief Strategy Officer

Mr. Levengood rejoined MCC as CSO in 2012 and is responsible for top-line growth and management of all business development initiatives. Walt has 12 years of experience in various capacities in the payments industry and most recently held the position of President of Payments at aurionPro. He formerly served as MCC’s COO for almost 5 years.

Bernard D. Lynch, Jr.  LinkedInIcon
Chief Administrative Officer

Mr. Lynch joined MCC in 2007 and served in various capacities including General Manager of Next Level Funding before being appointed to his current position in 2013. Prior to joining MCC, Bernie worked in various management and executive positions in companies ranging in size from pre-IPO to Fortune 500.

John Marino
Chief Information Officer

Mr. Marino joined MCC in 2008 with more than 20 years of experience building financial software and database applications. He is credited for the development of CAMS and is responsible for all IT-related functions. John previously worked for Towers Perrin Foster & Crosby, Salomon Brothers, The Bankcorp Bank, and J.P. Morgan.

Michael J. Kennedy LinkedInIcon
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Kennedy is a Senior Financial Executive and CFO with more than 25 years of global experience. Mike has a record of success leading domestic and international finance teams and profit centers across multiple sites for startups, mid-size and multi-billion dollar companies. Mike previously held senior roles at companies such as American Express, MasterCard and John Hancock Financial Services, along with privately equity owned mid-size companies that provide B2B and B2C customer solutions and services.

Dan Lenchner
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Lenchner is responsible for cultivating relationships with companies that distribute commercial lending products to small- and medium-sized businesses. He covers a wide range of distribution channels that include equipment leasing, traditional factors, and asset-based lenders.

Tomo Matsuo  LinkedInIcon
Vice President, Business Intelligence

Mr. Matsuo joined MCC in 2011 and served as Underwriting Manager before being appointed to his current position in 2013. In addition to his responsibilities in the Capital Markets group, Tomo is also heading up several key initiatives such as the recently launched automation platform, ASAP, as well as international expansion opportunities.

Mark Lowenstein  LinkedInIcon
Director of Marketing

Mr. Lowenstein started in the payment processing industry in 2005 as an ISO and agent for MCC.  In 2007, he joined MCC to start an affiliate company which then led to becoming Director of Marketing, his current position.  He is currently responsible for MCC’s public relations, partner and customer acquisition marketing, ISO marketing, branding, and all digital marketing efforts.

Michael Caronna
Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Caronna joined MCC in 2006 as an underwriter and held position of underwriting manager. After that he moved on to work for MCC’s internal sales office. In his current position as Business Development Manager Michael is currently responsible for recruiting and maintaining relationships with referral partners, ISO’s, and agents.

Ryan Williams
Underwriting Manager

Mr. Williams joined MCC in July of 2009 as an Underwriter. After working for MCC for nearly 2 years Ryan moved to a role at Ernst & Young where he was an advisor for Structured Finance products, primarily focused on asset-backed securitizations. After 2 years at Ernst & Young, Ryan re-joined MCC as an Underwriting Manager.

Ryan Bressler
Underwriting Manager

Mr. Bressler joined MCC in 2007 as an Underwriter and is currently an Underwriting Manager. Ryan is responsible for managing the underwriter department and administrative assistants.

Evan Kristall
Underwriting Manager

Mr. Kristall joined MCC in 2007 as an Underwriter and over the course of time, Director of Renewals and Underwriting Manager. Evan is responsible for overseeing the UW department, administrative assistants, and the internal sales team on a daily basis with direct responsibility for overall, daily fundings and ISO relations.

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