Cosmetic and beauty salon merchant account cash advances are one of our specialties.

Your salon will flourish with the benefits of using merchant cash and capital funding. Here are just some of the beauty and cosmetic businesses MCC has provided unsecured business loans to:

Date: 10/3/2012
Merchant: Nail Salon
MCA Amount: $40,000
Highlights: Merchant Cash and Capital is advancing $40,000 to a nail salon and spa located in Massachusetts. It is a fairly young business, having been in operation for less than three years. However, this ever expanding salon and spa has great plans for their MCC merchant cash advance. The merchant plans to use the funds to offer additional services to their customers and purchase the necessary equipment. The business is adding two doctors onto their payroll, and will be able to offer medical treatments such as Botox injections and various laser treatments and procedures. They will also be remodeling two rooms on site in anticipation of the new medical treatments. The business processes an average of $22,000 a month in credit card sales. This will be the merchant’s first merchant cash advance with Merchant Cash and Capital.

Date: 1/21/2012
Merchant: Health Spa
MCA Amount: $14,000
Highlights: MCC just provided spa funding in the amount of $14k a successful and celebrity friendly health spa in California. The merchant and her business haven’t been with MCC for long, and signed onto their first MCC program in February 2011. This deal was originally on MCC’s now defunct starter program as it was a risky prospect due to industry and numerous outstanding judgments with a previous vendor that was being settled in court. However, the merchant has now proved an ability to pay money back on time, and is currently on MCC’s traditional rates. Since inception, the business has paid off previous merchant cash advances far ahead of expected pace. The growing spa provides laser skin treatments, and various beauty procedures. The merchant plans to use their MCC merchant cash advance to purchase new equipment and other retail products lines to offer to customers. This landmark spa has even been recently featured in a variety of local magazines, as well as a popular reality television series. This will be their fifth merchant cash advance with MCC.

Date: 1/20/2012
Merchant: Hair Salon
MCA Amount: $33,000
Highlights: MCC provided $33,000 in small business financing to a popular high end unisex hair salon in Pennsylvania. This is a merchant that has been with MCC since May 2006, and has thus far taken out thirteen MCC merchant cash advances totaling up to just over $300,000. However, this is a deal with a tale, as this is a business relationship that almost didn’t happen. To start off, the merchant doesn’t have a history of strong personal credit. In addition, upon initial funding, it turned out that they had a balance with another cash advance company, and had stopped repayment completely. The merchant explained and insisted that it was an oversight, and the result of miscommunication. The MCC underwriter on this deal believed it was an honest mistake that the merchant forgot about the balance, and a repayment plan was immediately worked out. The business and deal has been steady, sold, and strong ever since; their performance demonstrating a strong ability to repay MCC. The merchant became owner six year ago, after having previously worked at the salon for a lengthy period of time. The salon doesn’t experience seasonality, and monthly gross sales are consistent all year round. As always, the working capital will be used to add a new retail product line to offer to their customers, as well as contemporizing the interior design of the salon. This will be their fourteenth advance with MCC